Smart Parking Management System, allowing drivers to access parking information through their smartphones. In this research, the iparking system, which is a smart way to automate a smart city’s parking system management, proposes parking area management technologies by developing and implementing a smart parking system that enables vehicle drivers to locate the parking slot effectively with accurate root guidance and automated payment facilities. The time consuming process of searching available parking slots in outdoor vehicle parking areas, which also creates a traffic jam, particularly in smart cities, has become one of the main causes of air pollution, city traffic congestion, driver frustration. Thus, there is a dire need for a reliable, intelligent and efficient system that can be used to search for the available parking facilities, guidance to the parking facilities, negotiation of the parking payment, along with proper parking facilities management b1. This proposed system uses a combination of HAAR Cascade classifier for object identification, Laplacian operator for edge detection, and motion tracking to differentiate between the occupied and available slots. Next will discuss the root guidance for available slots with detecting GPS positioning errors and eliminating error values is desirable, Map matching is the procedure of mapping GPS coordinates to road networks to define suitable links. The method matches the difference between the GPS trajectory and the details on the digital map and shows the right road segments. Digital Advertising for Audience categorization has captured wide attention from the market. This proposed system is capable of getting the majority of users from the submitted user details by their gender and age, and the most suitable advertising related to the real-time demographics will be retrieved and displayed on a screen. A license plate detection system has used with Open automatic number-plate recognition (ALPR) and opensource library. It is based on OpenCV and Tesseract optical character recognition (OCR) will be used to track the user’s entry and exit time to calculate the basic payment for hours the user has stayed.

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